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My first question is, “What do you do if it is raining outside the day of my event"?

Well, that depends. This question has recently been moved to the top of this page because of the confusion with some people. The one thing that you can be sure of is that if it is raining at the start of your event, or has been raining enough that the area where your event is to take place is soaked, we will not set-up. A few options you may have include: rescheduling your event, canceling affected attractions for your event, moving your attractions inside if space allows it, or swapping your attractions for something that could fit inside (if available). As much as we would like your event to occur without any problems, we will always fall on the side of caution. Please contact us to be more specific for your particular event; we know this must be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

What does it cost to rent one of your attractions?

Each attraction has a base rate that includes delivery & set-up in Peoria, a typical use time of up to 5 hours, and removal. If your event takes place outside of Peoria or is a multi-day event, please call or email for exact details.

Does the price of an attraction include staffing it?

In most cases, no. Each attraction that is rented is required to have at least one adult to monitor for safety at all times. By not building that cost into the rental price, it gives the customer the option of providing adult staffing for the attractions or paying an up charge to have Fun on the Run people onsite.

Do I have to have my event outside?

NO. Although most events in Central Illinois take place in the Spring/Summer while weather allows it, any attraction can be set-up inside anytime of the year as long as space allows (even Dunk Tanks). School & church lock-ins are great examples.

If my event is outside, does it have to be setup in the grass?

No, but we prefer grass because it is easier on everyone’s feet and it allows us to secure the attractions with stakes. If your event is set-up on a hard surface, we will provide a tarp to place under inflatables, secure corners with sandbags, and provide a padded mat at the exits if required.

Can it be too cold or windy to set-up outside?

Yes. Cold temperatures play a big part on the vinyl that the inflatables are built with. We require at least 55 degrees outside to inflate. Steady winds over 15 mph will require an inflatable to have everyone removed from it and unplugged. Once winds have died down, we can turn it back on and be up and running in a few minutes.

Do I need special insurance when I rent something?

It depends. If your event is taking place on a third-party location such as a park or at a school/church, it is best to ask ahead of time if they have any requirements to show proof of coverage. Fun on the Run has a blanket policy with the Peoria Park District to allow our attractions on any of their grounds at anytime. If the event takes place at your own residence, in most cases, no. To be sure, ask your insurance agent. Fun on the Run can provide proof of insurance coverage at any time, show a name as “Certificate Holder” at no cost, and show a name as “Additional Insured” for a fee of $68.00. If other information is needed, please call the office.

What about electricity?

All inflatables and some other attractions require standard 110v circuits and plugs. A minimum of a 15 amp breaker is needed. Attractions need to be located no more than 80’ from the actual receptacle. Fun on the Run will provide all extension cords. In the event required electricity is not available, a generator can be provided for an additional fee starting at $65.00. If you have access to your own generator, please call the office to ensure it has the proper output to keep the blowers running at the required speed.

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